Questions & Answers:

Q: Who is Mama Jacq's?

A: Mama Jacq's is short for Jacqueline. She is what we call the mother of our family company. Jacqueline creates all of our tasty sauces and marinades. She also prepares food for many of our events held throughout the United Kingdom.


Q: Tell us more about Jacqueline..

A: Jacqueline was born on a small Caribbean island called St. Vincent & The Grenadines. She was one of 7 children. She grew up in a family where cooking was the centre of all family activities and events. Jacqueline is very close to her mother, so she spent a lot of her time in the kitchen. In fact all of our ingredients are highly influence by recipes handed down from generation to generation. Jacqueline has four children; Joshua, Jaydon, Chantal, and Dominic. Two of which play a vital role in running Mama Jacq's Ltd. Jacqueline is a very bubbly and out-going person. You will always see her smiling. When she isn't cooking she is on the back of a motorcycle zooming down the country side of Northamptonshire or she's travelling.


Q: So are your sauces and marinades caribbean ?

A: There is Caribbean influence in all our marinades and hot sauces, however we use them in different dishes to add that extra bit of flavour. In particular our Natural green Marinade is a base for cooking any delicious meal, from Indian curries, to Italian Spag Bol. We use it to marinate and flavour our meat, tofu and fish before cooking a dish. You can see our products are Caribbean influenced. Although the food we cook are Eastern Caribbean infused.

We sometimes use it like a flavour pot.


Q: How did the company start?

A:  Granny started it .... we continue to share our family recipes with you...

Granny Yvonne Biddy

Granny Yvonne Biddy

Mama Jacq's always had dinner hosting events within her home. Neighbours and friends were invited. Word quickly spread throughout Watford, Hertfordshire that there is a lady who makes amazing food. She then began cooking for events held in Watford. These events ranged from church ceremonies to a family day in local parks. During these events Mama Jacq's would be questioned on what she puts in her food to make it so delicious. Her answer was always "I use plenty of love". Of course we knew this was only part of the truth. She also used what we now call Mama's Fragrant and Tangy Green Marinade and Cook'in Sauce. 


Q: Does the team cater for events?

A:  Yes. We offer authentic Caribbean catering.

We deliver high quality food, using fresh ingredients sourced locally.
Our team collaborates with you throughout the planning process to ensure premium quality and uphold the standards. We craft menus that suit your specific needs. We are experienced in catering for large events as well as small intimate parties, some of which include:

1). Private corporate events 

2). The Ragley Hall Game Fair

3). Sir Charles Spencer’s Food and Drink Festival

4). Foodies Festival

5). Hosting Caribbean nights at pubs and restaurants.    


Q: Why only one sauce?

A: Our Green natural marinade is so versatile. You can use it on tofu, fish and meat. It is jammed packed with flavour so you don't need a lot of it. We use it to prep our meals by marinating our tofu, fish, meats before cooking. We also use it as a flavour pot, where 1-3 (depending on serving size) teaspoons can be used to add flavour to any dish you are cooking i.e. Curry Tikka, Soup and Gravy.

By next year we hope to launch our hot sauce range. It will consist of three spicy but flavourful pepper sauces.


Q: Do you sell Wholesale ?

A: Yes we do, email us for more info :

"My mother is my inspiration, she thought me how to show love through my cooking "