Mama's Prawn Skewer


Prawn Skewers - (Serves 4)


1 kg of prawns

2 Pineapples

3 green peppers

3 red onions

2 Limes

4 Tablespoons of Mama Jacqs Marinade


1/ Marinade the prawns in Mama Jacqs sauce

2/ Peel & cut the pineapples in small squares

3/ Marinade the pineapples in red chilli powder with the juice of 2 limes

4/ Leave the pineapples and the prawns to marinade  for minimum 1 hour

5/Once the prawns & the pineapples have marinated long enough, cut the onions & peppers

6/ Start assembling the skewers

7/Cook on a grill or BBQ until the prawns are cooked and the pineapple caramelised