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Our family business began specializing in marinades and sauces that bring out the personality in our home-style dishes. Our business has matured from a locally-known brand into one that allows people throughout the U.K. to experience authentic Caribbean flavours, flavours that make our home feel like their home. It’s safe to say--if there is one thing we know, its flavour.

We deliver high quality food, using fresh ingredients sourced locally.

Our team collaborates with you throughout the planning process to ensure premium quality and uphold the standards. We craft menus that suit your specific needs, whether your guests are vegetarian or prefer gluten-free dishes. We are experienced in catering for large events as well as small intimate parties, some of which include:

1). Private corporate events 

2). The Ragley Hall Game Fair

3). Sir Charles Spencer’s Food and Drink Festival

4). Foodies Festival

5). Hosting Caribbean nights at pubs and restaurants.  

6). Street Food Markets 


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