Marco Pierre White

At the Nottingham Food and Drinks Festival 2016, we were very fortunate to spend some time with one of the greatest chefs the U.K. has to offer.

Mr. Marco Pierre White. 

Standing within our queue we were so busy we did not notice him until he got to the front of the line. 

To which Chantal shouted with joy "I know you! You're Marco Pierre White"

He then ran into our gazebo and we began to take pictures.

We discussed ingredients used in our food.

 He gave us tips on ingredients we could add to our Jerk Chicken to make it stand from the crowd.

He then took a spoonful of our Curry Goat and recommended us use his Knorr stock pots to add that extra bit of flavour. 

It was such an amazing opportunity for the team, and hopefully he enjoys our natural Green Marinade sample given to him.