Birmingham Foodies 2017

This was our second time taking part in The Birmingham Foodies, 

and as always B'ham never fails to amaze us.

We had many customers who had remembered us from the year prior,

who were so thrilled to see us again that they did not mind the long queuing.

The thing we love most about Birmingham Foodies is that it's a melting pot of different

cultures merged unto one location: Cannon Hill Park.

With popular demand , we will be back next year.

Meeting Mark Lewis-Francis

Just In case you are unaware who Mark Lewis-Francis is he is a British track and field athlete, specifically a sprinter, who specialises in the 100 metres. We were in shock when his face appeared at our stall, holding back our excitement, we served him  , took a few pictures and spoke briefly. He was very humble and friendly. On our third day at the Foodies Festival he paid us a second visit where we spoke more in debt about who we were etc. We are hoping to see him sometime in the future. 

Customer Testimonial

" Easily the best food I've tasted at a food festival ... my only issue is that I didn't take more home with me !!! Keep up the good work guys and I really hope you are there next year as I will most definitely be front of your massive ques x x "


Nikki E. (Birmingham)